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Punishment Scripts (SkPuns) (Outdated)


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On 2/19/2021 at 4:02 PM, _iz_ said:

Hey there, I've been working on a punishment script for some time now, and I've decided to release it to all of you beautiful people! This system requires no punishment plugins, as it is 100% Skripted! Here are some things to know about it:


NOTE: JSON.sk is a requirement. SkPunsGUI.sk is not required, but highly recommended for best results. SkPunsMisc.sk is required for the punishments to work.


REQUIREMENTS: SkQuery, SkRayfall, TuSKe, SkBee (I believe that's it but I could definitely be wrong. Please message me or reply to this if you figure out what addons are required.)



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  • Custom punishment commands
  • Customizable chat prefixes
  • Customizable appeal link
  • Permissions for every command/action
  • Punishment history in a book GUI
  • Staff punishment history
  • Punishment GUI
  • Custom punishment presets
  • Logs known alts and masked IP's
  • Punishment exempt permissions
  • Tracks the amount of punishments per player when using the GUI
  • Doubles the length of punishments for multiple offences when using the GUI



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  • /alts - Show a player's known alts (Aliases: none)
  • /ips - Show a player's known IP's (Aliases: none)
  • /kick - Kick a player (Aliases: none)
  • /warn - Warn a player (Aliases: none)
  • /mute - Mute a player (Aliases: /tempmute)
  • /ban - Ban a player (Aliases: /tempban)
  • /ipban - IP-ban a player (Aliases: /banip, /ban-ip)
  • /unmute - Unmute a player (Aliases: none)
  • /unban - Unban a player (Aliases: /pardon)
  • /unbanip - Un IP-ban a player or IP (Aliases: /unipban, /pardonip)
  • /history - Get a player's punishment history (Aliases: /puns, /punishments)
  • /staffhistory - Get a staff member's issued punishment history (Aliases: /sh, /ipuns, /issuedpuns, /issuedpunishments)
  • /clearhistory - Clear a player's punishment history (Aliases: /ch)
  • /clearstaffhistory - Clear a staff member's issued punishment history (Aliases: /csh)
  • /punpreset - Add or remove punishment presets (Aliases: none)
  • /punish - Open the punishment GUI for a specific player (Aliases: /pun)



  Reveal hidden contents
  • Kick: skpuns.kick
  • Warn: skpuns.warn
  • Mute: skpuns.mute
  • Ban: skpuns.ban
  • IP-Ban: skpuns.ipban
  • Unmute: skpuns.unmute
  • Unban: skpuns.unban
  • Un IP-Ban: skpuns.unipban
  • Punish GUI: skpuns.punish
  • History: skpuns.history
  • Clear History: skpuns.clear
  • Staff History: skpuns.staffhistory
  • Clear Staff History: skpuns.clearstaffhistory
  • Remove Punishment: skpuns.removepun
  • Notifications (Join/chat while muted/banned, silent punishments): skpuns.notfy
  • Check Alts: skpuns.alts
  • Check IP's: skpuns.ips
  • Exempt: skpuns.exempt.(number between 1 and 10)
  • Manage Presets: skpuns.managepresets



  Reveal hidden contents






Let me know if there are any errors or anything I should know! Also, feel free to leave a 5 star review by liking this post!

This is some good punish skript

THIS SIGNATURE IS OUTDATED! Cuz i'm too lazy to edit it lmao
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Can these all go in the same skript files for ease of use, or do they all need different seperate skript files?

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2 hours ago, Centrect said:

Can these all go in the same skript files for ease of use, or do they all need different seperate skript files?

Probably not, it'd probably crash the server whenever you reload the script (including when the server starts). You could try, but I don't recommend it.

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Cool Skript

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On 11/10/2021 at 12:02 AM, nolando09 said:

Please don't necropost on a topic over 1 month inactive!

I Don't think Necropost works on Script Releases (If it does I'm really sorry for the misunderstanding)

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(Sorry for necro but..) the link doesn't work, but @INTEL-9INER and everyone else, I searched up "SkPuns" in GitHub since the link tried to forward to GitHub, and here is the link for the skripts:


GitHub Page to download it!


note: this isn't mine and I am in no way affiliated with @_iZ_or skpuns

probably wasn't necessary to say that

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  • _iZ_ changed the title to Punishment Scripts (SkPuns) (Outdated)

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