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I've started new server on minehut with my friends and we play with some optimization plugins so we thought about adding LogBlock plugin. When I wanted to add it, I couldnt find it. I have request to moderators: Can u add LogBlock plugin, please that would help me and my friends 🙂

or if u know any plugin with wich u can check logs please send name and link 🙂

plugin link (kinda long)


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Use a permissions plugin like luckperms and set up the default group with the required permission.

The permission you'd need here is coreprotect.inspect.

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Feel free to add me on discord if you:

dc3456c-e0ec58e8-c807-43e3-b986-5224b91a need help with plugins

dc3456c-e0ec58e8-c807-43e3-b986-5224b91a need help with skripts

dc3456c-e0ec58e8-c807-43e3-b986-5224b91a need to vent about something


>[ ‧₊˚꒰ʚ Starshine ɞ ‧✦ *#2683 ]<

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