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Reports & Appeals - Information Post

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M I N E H U T  R E P O R T S  &  A P P E A L S
LAST UPDATED: Feb 28, 2021


If your account was punished on one of Minehut’s platforms, or if you want to create an anonymous report against a user, you can use Minehut’s Reports & Appeals system in order to do so. There are quite a few things users must know before creating an appeal. It’s important for the user making a report/appeal to be as direct and as truthful as they can. The Minehut staff team has a few different methods to counteract anyone who might be trying to deceive the staff team. We will not hesitate to take action against users who attempt to lie or forge evidence and alibis to bypass our system. It is also important that the information submitted in the report or appeal is clear to make sure that any delays or misconceptions are avoided when responding to the appeal. Members of the Reports & Appeals Team will be as fair and just as possible. We advise you not to be spiteful if a decision goes against you as we look into as many aspects of the situation that we can in order to come to the most carefully considered answer. If you have any questions into why your report or appeal was denied. Please feel free to open a conversation with one of our Reports & Appeals members on the forums.

Why was I punished?

There are quite a few possible reasons as to why you were punished. If you broke a rule on any Minehut platform, you will be issued a punishment that can be a variety of different limitations such as a kick, mute, ban, or warning. If you are unsure as to if you are banned, and if so, try to connect to “minehut.com”. If you are in fact banned, you will be met with a screen saying that you’ve been banned from the server. In order to view if you are muted, simply type in chat and you will be met with a response stating why you were muted and for how long. While we strive to ensure that all of our punishments are justified, false punishments do happen from time to time. If you believe that you were issued a false punishment, please feel free to submit an appeal.

What does it mean to receive a name or skin ban?

One of the rules we enforce throughout Minehut's platforms is a rule on inappropriate usernames and skins/avatars. If you are caught using an inappropriate name in-game, your username (not your account) will be banned from joining any Minehut servers. What this means is that once you decide to change your username, you will be able to join back Minehut immediately. Anyone else that ever uses that username in the future will also be unable to join Minehut. This is not the case with skin bans in-game or for any username or avatar bans on other platforms, if you get banned elsewhere you will be required to change and submit an appeal to get your ban revoked. The only time you are allowed to evade bans are in cases where your main account is banned for an inappropriate name or skin/avatar.


Account Responsibility

Minecraft accounts are breached very often, especially unmigrated accounts whose passwords were not changed for a long period of time. Sometimes, accounts that are breached are used in “bot attacks,” which consists of a number of hacked Minecraft accounts repeating the same messages in the chat repeatedly. There are other instances when they’re used to promote inappropriate sites or used for malicious intent. Compromised accounts are also often used in alt services, being placed on listings of hundreds of different accounts to be resold to another user. 

When appealing a Bot/Compromised Account punishment there are a few additional required steps to follow in order for your appeal to have the best chance at getting accepted. On top of using the regular appeal format, please also make sure to include evidence that you changed your Minecraft password. Changing the email associated with your account is not required, but recommended as well. Evidence that you changed your password can come in the form of a screenshot of an email sent by Mojang, or of the minecraft.net page immediately after changing your password. 

How do I report a user breaking Minehut’s guidelines?

If you notice someone breaking one of Minehut’s rules and there are no online staff to deal with the offender at that moment in time, creating a report is advised in order for us to issue punishments to ensure that they don’t get away with it although we may not be there to handle it immediately. When creating a report, it is recommended that you use as much detail as possible and provide uncropped screenshots as they would make it easier to identify the situation, and be able to cross reference with the utilities we use in order to collect information on the reported user. It is important that when you are creating a report you are 100% upfront with us and you are not trying to forge a report on a user who has done nothing wrong. Please note that there will be consequences to the reporter if they do submit a fake report. When creating a report, it is important to follow the notable information listed below:



• Be honest and direct when creating a report.

• Do not falsify evidence. This will result in a punishment.

• There will be instances in which you may be asked to provide additional evidence. If you are able to do so, please be compliant with our request.

• Do not create joke/troll reports.

• Be familiar with our server rules before creating a report in order to be certain that they have committed an offense.


You can use the link below to submit a player report. Please make sure you follow the attached format:

How do I appeal a punishment?

When appealing a punishment, we recommend that you only submit the appeal if you believe the punishment was unfair or if your account was compromised. If you submit an appeal outside of those 2 conditions, it is likely that your appeal will be denied. Please take into consideration that the Minehut staff team does their best to avoid falsely punishing users, but sometimes during  overwhelming situations or during a lapse in concentration we may happen to falsely punish a user. If this happens to you, please remain patient and submit an appeal on the forums. When creating an appeal, it is important to disclose as much relevant information to the responder as possible in order to hasten the appeal process and come to an accurate conclusion. When creating an appeal it is important to follow the notable information listed below:



• Enter the correct username details for the platform you were punished on For example, for a discord punishment you would enter your discord username with the username and the tag formatted like shown: @username#XXXX  (mine is @chillins#0001 for reference)

Include the username you were punished on at the time and not the latest username you possess. If you cannot remember your username at the time, you can alternatively submit your Discord ID or Minecraft account UUID.

• There will be instances in which you may be asked to provide additional evidence. If you are able to do so, please be compliant with our request.

• Do not create joke/troll appeals.

• Review our server rules before and after appealing, as the rules may have changed since when you were last on the platform you were punished from

• There will be instances in which you may be asked to provide additional evidence. If you are able to do so, please be compliant with our request.


You can use the link below to submit an appeal. Please make sure you follow the attached format:

How do I report a user who destroyed (griefed) my server?

When reporting a user for server related instances such as griefing, it is important that the evidence provided is clarifying and sufficient enough. Reports & Appeals team members can not go into server consoles or dig into files as it would breach user’s privacy. The only evidence we can go off of is the evidence provided to us. 

What classifies as sufficient evidence?:

  • Video evidence of the server's grief taking place is the most credible type of evidence that you can provide. This evidence is far more credible over other items, such as logs, and images as it shows exactly what is taking place with the offender committing the action. 

  • Images/screenshots of the user(s) griefing can also be sufficient evidence. Something that gets sent to us often is images of the grief after it took place- and although we are eager to serve justice when it is needed and want to assist users with grief reports, we can not go solely off of images of the aftermath as it is not conclusive enough.

How do I report a server that violates Minehut's guidelines?

It is important to know that Minehut does not take action against servers if they allow hacked clients or  vulgar language to be spoken within their server. We also do not enforce EULA on our player servers. Although we want to make Minehut a positive community, how server owners run their servers is ultimately up to them, with only a few exceptions. Minehut will only intervene in very severe situations which have been addressed below.



Inappropriate/offensive images, builds & content:

  • Displaying inappropriate images within your server is not allowed. Some examples of this include displaying NSFW imagery, creating NSFW themed builds, and creating inappropriate builds such as recreations of genocidal events. Minehut has a 0 tolerance policy for this offense as it falls under multiple rules, including rule #3 and rule #5 of our global rules. If a server is caught violating these rules, not only will the server receive a suspension but the owner will also receive a punishment for the action.

Botting player count or server advertisements:

  • Every Minehut server should have an equal opportunity to display themselves upon the server list. Using bots/alts to gain a hoist your server to a higher placement is not tolerated. If your server is found guilty of doing this, we will take action on it immediately. This falls under rule #3 of Minehut's Player Server Guidelines

  • Botting advertisements is not only unfair, but extremely obnoxious. We strive to keep our chat as clean and readable as possible, but bots often interfere with this. Everyone is expected to abide by the “/ad” rule without exception, which is why using bots to automate this process is considered unfair. If evidence of a server bot advertising is found, we will suspend that server and take action against the user behind them.

  • Having an inappropriate MOTD or server name is strictly forbidden and will result in a suspension. We will only unsuspend for these punishments if the server owner changes the name/MOTD and submits a server appeal. 

Bypassing player count limit capabilities:

  • Using exploits to bypass the player limit restrictions is worthy of server suspension until it has been resolved. If you are unsure of what we mean by this we’re referring to servers bypassing a plans restricted player limit. For example, the default plan restricts users to a maximum of 10 players on your server at any given time. If that server remains on the default plan, it should not surpass 10 players at any given time. If your server is suspended for this, it is advised that you stop using the exploit as well as explain how to reproduce the exploit.


You can use the link below to submit a server report. Please make sure you follow the attached format.

How do I appeal a Server Suspension punishment?

If your server has been suspended from Minehut, you will be unable to start it up using the console or from a Minehut lobby. Furthermore, a message will be displayed on your server’s dashboard stating that it is currently suspended. Servers will only be suspended if we gain sufficient evidence and/or you’ve charge backed a server’s plan. If you chargeback a server plan, your server will remain suspended until that plan's duration has expired. When creating a server suspension appeal, please follow the notable information listed below:



• Proof that you own the server.

• Be as honest as possible and confess to the punishment(s) you are guilty of. If you believe it was a mistake, include that instead.

• Do not falsify evidence. This can result in a punishment.

• Be as compliant as possible with the reviewer in order to speed up the process of the appeal.

• Do not ask staff to read your appeal if it has not been 2 weeks since its posting, this will result in an instant denial.

• Review our server rules before creating the appeal.


You can use the link below to submit a server appeal. Please make sure you follow the attached format.


We hope that after reading this guide you have a better understanding of how to create a report or an appeal. If you still find yourself struggling, please do not hesitate to reach out to me on discord, (@chillins#0001) and I will have no issue clarifying any details about the process to you. Thank you for taking your time to read the information post, and good luck with your reports or appeals. 

Compiled by The Minehut Reports & Appeals Team

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