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Skript Addon: skript-gui


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I made a post about this ~1 month ago, but this was never added. It got a response, but yeah.

This addon is a gui addon for skript. It is a fork of TuSKe that is actually being updated. We are going to start needing this addon soon as TuSKe is super outdated.

Github Download: https://github.com/APickledWalrus/skript-gui

Note: I would recommend keeping TuSKe still! Some of the syntax has changed in this fork!

I play minecraft.




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Sorry about that, with the volume of plugin suggestions that are made it often takes a while, but no need to worry as we do not forget any. Although, luckily for you, this particular plugin has actually been reviewed already and should be in the next wave of new plugins (which is hopefully later this week). 🙂

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