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Starters Guide


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Here is the OFFICIAL CleanRPG Guide for Starters.                                                                               Made By JacobSB0410 (Juannn#7793)

The Basics

Killing mobs gives you EXP (check your xp bar to see your level up progress and level). They also give you drops which you can sell at the butcher who is at /spawn or you can sell using your menu (which is a clock). You can convert 48 diamond fragments into a precious diamond which can be used to buy a backpack or be used to trade with other players. To convert, open up your menu and click on the emerald item. This will bring you to the converting gui. To get to the mob spawn areas, type /warps and click on the warp you have access to. If you're just starting out we recommend you to start by killing pigs.

The Advanced Side of CleanRPG

Once you reach level 30, you get access to 'Level 2'. You can go to this area by typing /warps and clicking on the 2nd glass pane. Once you're here we recommend starting off by killing cows until you can 1 shot or 2 shot Delvins. Delvins give 'Delvin Blood' which sells for 3 and you have a chance to get a Delvin Armor Set or a Delvin Sword. Every event in real life will normally have an event in CleanRPG. For example, Valentine's Day had a Cupid Boss which dropped an overpowered sword. 

Levels for certain weapons

Once you have a good weapon, you may be a low level and it may say 'You do not have enough levels to use this weapon' (or similar). Here are what you need to use those weapons (you can check levels on your xp bar)


Uncommon - Level 5 required

Rare Weapons - Level 15 required 

Epic Weapons - Level 30 required

Legendary Weapons - Level 60 required

If you have any questions that haven't been answered here, please message a staff member in game or on discord.

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