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EmblazeMC | Searching for Staff (Manager, Admins, Mods, Helpers, etc.)


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Greetings Minehut!

I have had Staff positions on and created many a server over the past 6 and such years or so. EmblazeMC (emblazemc.com) is supposed to be the culmination of all of my previous experience and expenditures of effort from the aforementioned time. However, I and many other Server Owner's before myself have realized they can take on this task entirely devoid of aid. As such, I am recruiting players for volunteer positions on my server that has:

- 5.5 GBs of R.A.M.
- Gamemodes including SkyBlock, SMP + PVP Arena, BedWars, and hopefully more to come!
- A Website Available at: https://emblazemc.com/
- A Donation Store Available from: https://store.emblazemc.com/
- A Discord Server Available at: https://discord.gg/nqaSNtN
- ...and hopefully much more to come!

Now, concerning Staff positions, essentially all are open (Manager [Discord + Server], Admin, Mod, Helper, etc.) right now. A requisite for this job is to simply accrue us more members, and hopefully enough to create a decent playerbase.

In addition, you must have:

- An official, non-cracked (or at least seemingly so) version of Minecraft: Java Edition.

- ...been Staff on at least 2-3 servers.
- ...owned Minecraft for at least 3 years.
- ...have Discord.
- ...the ability to be a good team leader.
- ...the ability to stick with the server through thick and thin.
- ...good moral character (obvious, but you'd be surprised how many people wouldn't be aware of this.)

If you meet all of said requisites, you might be a shoo-in for one of the available positions!

Much luck,

(THEBLAHBRO, Owner of EmblazeMC)

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