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I need help about a ban that should not have happened




I have been falsely accused of being a bot by what seems like a minehut moderation system instead of a moderator, here's what happened, I was in a lobby trying to join my friend on his new smp when I see someone say "EVERYBODY SAY POG IN CHAT" because they saw a "tommyinnit" skin, i watched everyone spam POG in the chat so I thought, why not? And said "POG" myself, now i deeply regret my decision as a moment later i get banned with the message "You have been banned from Minehut.com, Bot, Ban expires in 10 Decades, 10 Years, 13 Months, 1 Hour, 1 Minute and 9 seconds" a century if you didn't realise, all I want is just to be unbanned so i can play on my servers and also help develop my friends adventure map style game. This is just ridiculous. 



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