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Spawn Eggs/Spawners won't work on my server.



My server's difficulty is on normal, the monster spawning setting is turned on, I did the /gamerule doMobSpawning true command, I currently don't have any plugins and still nothing. I noticed the spawners weren't working, so I went in creative and just tried spawning a blaze with a spawn egg, and it appears for a brief second, makes a noise, and disappears. I then tested it with a pig spawn egg and it worked fine. So it's just hostile mobs that are the issue. Can someone please help me?

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Hey there! This issue may be caused for a few reasons. Please read below to troubleshoot:

1. Make sure you are opped. Not exactly sure if this is the issue or even a possible issue, but it's most likely not the reason considering you were in creative.

2. Make sure you are outside the radius of spawn protection. I'm not exactly sure if spawn protection stops hostile mobs from being spawned, but it could be a possibility. By default, spawn protection is set to 16 blocks (at least I think it is).

3. If you have any WorldGuard regions, try spawning the mobs outside of the region you are in. If you know you have a WorldGuard region in the area you are in, make sure the mob-spawning flag is set to allow. Again, this may not be the issue considering you are able to spawn passive mobs in the area you're in. 

Sorry if I wasn't able to solve the issue, but if I was, please let me know!

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