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I lost my server backup chunks are bugged.


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Hi, I made my own SMP Server on Minehut everything was fine, but today probably server service was so slow a lot of players servers are not working and i had too problem with start my server all my players lost their items buildings houses and more. .. a lot of stuff a server Chunks are probably glitched and randomly we have new Nether World. Can you please minehut administrator help me please to give me backup cca. 5 hours back? I am very disappointed as if every other player on your hosting would be very happy when you would help me.  I had good memmories with my new friends.

PS: I i tried latest backup, but nothing did. I didn't rummage through the backup settings, I didn't delete anything, I just sometimes disconnected and reconnected 20: 30+ (EUROPE) around half a night and everything was gone.

IGN: Gatorex_CZ 

IP: GatorexSMP.Minehut.gg


Thank you very much in advance for any help from whom.







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