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I got banned for no reason. Please help.


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I really wanted to play minecraft on my friends server and I was begging for him to whitelist me. As soon as he finished, I got banned for 3 MONTHS! For doing nothing. It said I got banned for "Malicious Threats" I think it might have thought this because to join my friends server, you have to type /very fungun. Thats just how my friend set up and I think it thought I was talking about guns. Which I wasn't, I was just trying to join a minecraft server. So please unban me. This was a misunderstanding on the bots part. My username. is zVndree. 

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This is not the correct place to appeal from Minehut. The correct place to appeal is here - https://forums.minehut.com/application/form/3-player-appeals/

This is just a club forum and their appeals section. 

Discord - tarna256

In-game name - _Tarna_

Website - https://tarna.dev
Paste Site: https://paste.tarna.dev


[VIP] - 7/27/2020

Support - 7/8/20 | 11/3/20

Helper  - 11/3/20 - 2/21/21

Moderator - 2/21/21 - 5/17/21

❤️ - 5/17/21 - now

Moderator - 12/20/22 - now



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