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I am making a Hypixel like server, and i need grappling hooks, when i use commands to do it, it is laggy, so i would like if u guys could add it. It is compatible with 1.7 and up.


Spigot Page: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/grappling-hook.22854/?__cf_chl_jschl_tk__=e0c9ca2c5b06b317f97790cc00292d5ea7e0f36c-1612963530-0-Ae9rcUDR1_Tf9Xz5rJKeXHjlouEZHi73PrummXGqvdg2PXdKs_m5LZoTN70bFI5N1j--uYQ8myeJhtQB5InAFvwy3pZeuttCDTzu1Whxz-PZsQg7dSMKf9pGrMLWUzC1thqwvjGxdGK7Pp3zEuU-MUauCvyqa06U84-wMGG7zCYuJETCPBYej4LjhEYZg-QEnCDlGXo1c6t6-AnYwfFtKeKGZY6jq9Wt_YlOyoZZRme5NbYJqJ6qAeipNhre4Y8TBZIHFaGj6yt72skJSmkHXnugmYpUr_y_WK46_ANd6SJff_rs4lJNbmLdLQY4AU-utiY9M18wG_yz4shZOtwm3UTW7MebcPgRJJ_AK_hOs4FL

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