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server griefed, racial slurs wrote



hi guys, sorry this is my first time posting. i have a server i spent months making, and i dont think it was open for everyone. i never advertised it anywhere. i logged on today and saw all of my stuff that i spent months building was griefed, cobble was placed over everything, and that someone had written the n-word all over our town messaging board. is there any way i can see who visited my server and did this so i can block them in the future? is there any way for my to get back my build? i did not have the world saved onto my desktop. thank you guys !  

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If you want to prevent players from joining your server you can run the command "/whitelist on" and "/whitelist add (player)" to add players you want to be able to join. (requires op)


Go to the minehut panel (https://minehut.com/dashboard) Make sure your server is online > click the Edit Server button > Go to the Backups tab > And click Restore Server. If you are lucky enough and the last save was created before the server was griefed, everything will be rolled back.


You can report the griefer at https://forums.minehut.com/application/form/1-player-reports/ if you have evidence.

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