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Three out of the five current anticheat options no longer work and the current two that do work aren’t the best. Watchat, Horizon, and Phoenix anticheats have not been updated in a long time. Horizon doesnt support 1.14+, Phoenix no longer supports 1.13+, and Watchcat has memory leaks. Additionally, none of these 3 work when you load them to a new Minehut server. The two options we have are NCP which hasn’t been updated in 4 years, and has many bypasses, and Matrix which eventually lags servers so much to the point that you can’t move. This issue is due to the way Matrix stores player data. (This is once you have 200-300 unique joins with matrix.) 

Here are some alternatives you could replace the non-working anticheats with:




These are just some examples of new updated anticheats that would work well on Minehut.

Edit: After some testing, I would not recommend negativity anticheat. It has poor detection and isn’t as good as I originally thought. 

Edit2: I have removed the link to negativity and replaced it with medusa anticheat.

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Wither is known to have many issues regarding falses and bypasses; I would recommend avoiding it if/until it improves in the future. The same goes for Negativity, though I don't see people sharing their experience with it as often as I see Wither. I'm not sure about Kauri. I haven't tested that one much. Though paid, I've heard good reviews about Vulcan. And I fully support the Updated-NCP fork as a replacement for the aging original NCP.

Also my staff instincts can't resist, if there are issues with anticheats, or any piece of software rather, please report them to the developers. They can't fix what they don't know is broken.


Sorry if this is considered a necropost, just putting in my opinion after making a forums account.

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