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Server Hijacked (CodeGens)



A user by the name of Hungrys as griefed the sky gens server CodeGens. He was a dev on here for a week, and no one suspected it. Yesterday morning I realized I was banned from the discord server. (They were kinda stupid giving a dev ban perms, and invite delete perms) IF you join now, there is lava casts everywhere, and since he realized I have played before, he banned me. I have no way to contact owner now, but they do have my email and discord name + tag. If any Minehut staff can have op on any server, please deop him and set his lp rank to default. The following image was taken from my 1817917504_Minecraft_1_16.4-Multiplayer(3rd-partyServer)2_7_20216_29_57PM.png.aa1971dbdbab3b2973ba9613e98dc6b7.pngalt account (I had to use a VPN): They banned me before I could get a screenshot on that account. You can clearly see the [DEV] hungrys. IF this isnt right, idk what else to do.

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