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How does the 'Warzone' server have a custom plugin?


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You'll have to look at the history of Warzone; it was originally created by Luuke (the founder of minehut) some time around 2015. Since then it's been maintained by various people, now being maintained by Benny and a few others.

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As Nick said Warzone holds a special place in Minehut history. When I first started moderating for Minehut in 2016 it was an official server run by MH staff and severed as a community hangout. All the old "popular" players and legacy staff got their start on Warzone. Fun fact getting banned on Warzone for hacking was a ban from the network lol. As SLG took over Minehut an unwritten part of the deal with that us old timers could keep our hangout considering for many it was the only thing on MH they cared about.

With that said players are not allowed to upload custom plugins to their server doing so will get you suspended and possible further repercussions.

Side note: Yeah TGM sucks that's why want to go to PGM ._.

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