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Unoriginal and repetitive servers in minehut


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1 minute ago, BlastofCain said:

In minehut it is just gens server / prison / kit pvp / mining pvp / farms or anything related to that and I have never found a server that’s actually original like flagclash

and somehow people play on these repetitive servers that resets every 3 seconds

That's the current trend. 🙂

You can't do anything.

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If everyone's making a boring/generic server, you can try instead to make a good and unique one!

I used to only make unique server types nobody's heard of, and they weren't fully polished at the time either. They still got quite a lot of players (10-20) as people were immediately intrigued by the description in the lobby, and many of them stayed through the day as long as the server was online.

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That may be the current trend, but try and make a difference like I did once, and make a concept server of your own! You can change Minehut yourself!

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