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Help with crazy enchantments


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I have crazy enchantments in my server and while it works for me and im able to use all the commands for it just fine it doesn't work for anyone else. I've tried giving groups the ce permissions with both group manager and luckperms but either i did something wrong or it's just not working. With luckperm i went to the edit site and gave the group this permission "crazyenchantments.access" which says it allows them to open the main gui but after i put my friend in the group and had him try using /ce it said he didn't have permission. I tried a similar thing with group manager but to no avail. All the plugins i have are ActionBarHealth, Advanced achievements, BetterSleeping, ChestCleaner, Crazy Enchantments, EssentialsChat, EssentialsX, Group Manager, MoreMobHeads, NametagEdit, Vault, and LuckPerms. Do any of these cause there to be an issue with the permission or something?

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