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1 hour ago, Sg11 said:

So basically are there qny extra steps to take for crossplay between bedrock and java?

To connect to Minehut from Bedrock, do the following:

1. Add a server with the default port and the IP bedrock.minehut.com

2. Connect to said server

3. Join a server from the hub using /join (You can't connect directly to specific Minehut servers)


And that's pretty much it 🙂


Please leave a reaction if my assistance was satisfactory!


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I am on Android with Bedrock 1.16.201, connecting from Dusseldorf, western Germany.

Initially it didn't work here too.

After restart of the app I get the information that the server is online with 423/424 behind the terminal or man icon and a ping of 115.

Joining gives the feedback that I can not join the world.

Some other times the ping shows a red dot.

Is that the same issue you are experiencing?

Anything I could try?




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