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Server issues (An internal error occurred while trying to perform this command)



I have for a long time now had a server on Alternos, that ive been playing on with a couple of buddies. But after an extreme amount of lag we wanted to switch the server over to minehut instead.  Things at first seemed fine, we followed the guides etc. But once i try to click on the world after having written /worlds it simply says "An internal error occurred while trying to perform this command". After that  the server force shutsdown and keeps staying on the closed tab. What could the issue be?

At first i thought it was because i used mediafire but after having changed to dropbox i can say that there isent a difference. Could you please help me out.


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The only difference Dropbox should make is allow you to upload larger world sizes. the /worlds command only lists the worlds inside the servers files. I have some worlds that simply don't work on my servers, but they don't stop the command from working or force crash the server. Make a support ticket with your logs.latest in a pastebin since not only do I not understand what is happening here, but this seems to be something that is out of your control and needs to be dealt with by the staff team.  

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