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Mivity's Introduction


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Hello, I'm Mivity (Also known as xMiracle_).

I am a Skript developer, and a WorldPainter builder. I have been around minehut for about 3 ½ years, and I've loved it ever since! Some things about me are that I really like playing minecraft, and it has been a hobby of mine since 2011! Some of my favorite minehut servers are Destroy, Unable, Evara, and almost anything that appeals as unique, and interesting. Sometimes I do like to play servers that aren't as unique. Sometimes I find fun in playing almost any minehut server, mostly because I very easily get bored.

Anways, it was nice meeting you. Hopefully I get to see you around Minehut sometime.


Sincerely, Mivity


Skript Developer, and WorldPainter builder.

[LEGEND] Rank on minehut.


Discord: Miv#6666



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