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Block Hunt


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This is for a Plugin for the Gamemode Blockhunt. I'm surprised it isn't alreday on Minehut, as there are already ones for other game modes. I just want to use this for my server.


(PS: No one would tell me the Rules regarding Not free Plugins. I will see if I can find some free ones and Put them in the Comments if I find one.)


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  • Administrator

Thanks for the suggestion. 🙂


There's no specific rules regarding premium additions, however many of these plugins only grant license for a single Minecraft server. This can make it difficult or impossible for us to add to the panel without expressly being given permission to do so by the plugin author. Many do, especially since it can be good advertising for them, however there are also some that do not.


If you do find a free alternative, please feel free to suggest it. Typically these can be considered and added much sooner than the premium versions.

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