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Anti-Offhand Exploit Skript


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on swap hand items:
    if {cooldown.%player%} is not greater than 0:
        set {cooldown.%player%} to 1
        wait 1 second # as the offhand exploit spams n amount in 1 tick, you can change this to any value you want
        set {cooldown.%player%} to 0
        set {used.%player%} to 0
        cancel event
        add 1 to {used.%player%}
        if {used.%player%} >= 50:
            execute console command "/ban -s %player% Exploits" # uses AdvancedBans

# resets cooldown if something breaks
command /reset [<player>]:
    permission: expl.admin
        set {cooldown.%arg-1%} to 0


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