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Someone ip banned me and i can't get in.



Recently, someone banned me from my own server. I used the console to ban them but I couldn't unban myself. I did /pardon and /pardon-ip, i put in my ip but every combonation didnt work. I really hope someone out there can help me, because I spent lots of time make the server and i don't want it to leave it behind.

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Hia! Really sorry to hear about this, you can try seeing if there's a usable backup on your panel under the backups tab, otherwise there's sadly not much we can do to help. To prevent this from happening again you can turn on whitelist with /whitelist on and /whitelist add (username) this will stop any strangers from joining your server.


Moving this post to the help section as it doesn't belong in the general section, read more about all the different sections on the forums here https://forums.minehut.com/topic/25655-important-information/ 

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1 hour ago, Jasoon said:

u were right it work im ok, but my server isnt... there nothing left... its all been blown up

Do you have any backups of your world? If not you really should do that. Whether it be via minehut's new backup slots system or downloading world files and saving them to your device. Preferably, you should do both of these things to mitigate the risk of losing hard work and creations you are proud of. Also, only give op status to people you trust. 

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