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How do i make a leveling system and purchace system?



Im making a pvp server and want to make it that every kill will give you exp, with enough exp you level up and all your gear goes up a teir (Leather+Wood, Chain+Stone, Iron, Diamond, Netherite). Teir 6 onwards , it will enchant it with sharpness on your sword and protection on your armour. You get more exp from higher teirs on your victim, and no exp if they are two teirs or more below you,  I also want to make a system where your exp, as well as having you level up, can be used as a currency. These counters are seperate, meaning buying stuff with exp wont make it slower to level up, and your money doesnt reset every level up. You can buy:

Bow: Gives you a  bow, can be brought more times to give it power

Potions: You can buy Strength, Speed, Regen, Absorvtion, or Resitance, seperately. Each can be brought up to 2 times for maximum effect. 

Upgrade Arrows: Requires bow I, Arrows I gives damage arrows, and Arrows II gives damage II arows.

Restore: Getting a kill will give you hearts based on level, restore IXX will give you back all your health, whilst restore I only gives you back half a heart

Healing potions per life: gives you healing potions, up until the cap. The cap is based on level, up to level V

Splash healing pots: Changes the healing potions to splash

Throwing potions: Similar to regular potions, just now splash instead of always active and they are: Damage, Weakness, Slowness or Poison


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You would want to make this with Skript. And no, I will not make it for you. Try to learn a bit of Skript on YouTube or by reading their docs.

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