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Troubleshooting Placeholder API



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5 hours ago, DarkSample said:

Good Day!

Whenever the server is restarted, expansions from Placeholder API are reset and are needed to be downloaded again through "/papi ecloud download <name>. Is there any way to have expansions permanently downloaded and enabled in servers?

Thank you

Hey there!

This is a problem with all minehut servers, where all expansions are reset from /plugins/PlaceholderAPI/expansions.

This is how I deal with the problem (via. Skript):

on load:
    wait 5 seconds
    console command "papi ecloud download Player"
    wait 1 second
    console command "papi ecloud download server"
    wait 1 second
    console command "papi reload"

And maybe, you can do something like that as well, until minehut fixes the problem.


My theory:

Since Minehut has a plugin manager (to make sure all servers are running latest plugins), it might have conflicted with placeholder expansions (since those are .jar files) and removing them every single time the server starts or stops.

That's just my theory but the problem might even be something else! 😅

Hello there! If you're reading this, hope you're having a wonderful day!


Feel free to contact me via Discord (CoolProgrammer#1920) for any help.

My DMs are always open for help.

You can also message via. forum messages for help.


Also, don't hesitate to leave a like on my post if I helped you in any way.

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