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on world change help


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on teleport:
    set {lastloc::%player's uuid%} to player's location

command /back:
        teleport player to {lastloc::%player's uuid%}

Little bit of explanation:

The reason you can't use on world change event is, because that event doesn't allow you to get player's last location, or player's last world, and instead just get: event-player, event-world.

But, on teleport event allows you to get these: event-block, event-world, event-player, event-teleportcause.

Whenever a player teleports, it will store their immediate location in the variable {lastloc::%player's uuid%} and then teleport them. The on teleport event is also triggered when a player changes their world, so that way, you can store their previous location.

Good luck. 🙂

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