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Add KitBattle plugin


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KitBattle Advanced is a soup-pvp plugin that's very easy to set-up with not too many commands
It's not so "advanced" but it's great for automatic kitpvp gameplay and upgradable kits, etc

Kitbattle features custom Effects, Kits, Arenas, and even Items!
It's a very special plugin and to get this on your server it should cost 100 credits minimum, and a maximum amount of 300

Please add this plugin as it's my favourite all-time plugin. 

KitBattle Advanced 6.4

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  • FlyinC4T changed the title to Add KitBattle plugin
  • Administrator

Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately it usually takes a bit longer for us to consider adding premium plugins, due to licensing concerns. If there is a free version or alternative of this plugin which you would like to suggest, it's possible that it can be added much sooner. If not, no worries, but we do not have an ETA for if or when we would be allowed to add the plugin to Minehut.

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