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[SOLVED] I want to make a /tutorial skript but dont know what went wrong.



I am making a box pvp server and want to make a /tutorial command. It responds with the warp commands, shop info, start info, etc.

This is my attempt at the skript:

command /tutorial:
send "&6Welcome to ValkyriBox, a server about mining ores, upgrading tools, and having fun!" to player
wait 3 seconds
send "&3Type the command /start to grab yourself a starter pickaxe." to player
wait 3 seconds
send "&dType the command /warp end to warp to the end." to player
wait 3 seconds
send "&cUse the villagers in the shop to upgrade and improve your tools, armor, weapons, etc. You can also buy misc items like elytras, fireworks, etc." to player
wait 3 seconds
send "&4&l&nRULES" to player

(im calling it solved because I just completely rewrote the script and made it fine.)

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I tested it on my server and it works fine. What happens when you execute the command?


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