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Report on RoboGirlPlayz - Hacking, speed hacks

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I don't have permissions on the forum so I can't actually accept/deny this but it's probably wrong.

Starting off with the knockback part, you can tell it's just delayed as most likely, something in the network probably just dropped a packet or two forcing a few more round trips. You argued against this by saying her walking is smooth but this is easily countered by the fact that one packet being delayed doesn't mean others will be too.

Now for the sound part; this is the slightly suspicious bit as the only explanations I see are either you being too far away or a Minecraft/ProtocolSupport bug, but, even if you really were close enough and there were no bugs at play then it's still not enough to punish for, although it is worth noting in case of future suspicious behavior.

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Have you listen to the last 2-3 reports? As AtditC you need way more proof then this to ban someone since this is not obvious and plus have you heard Robo complaining so much about lag so I’d think this is lag.

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You can see Robo being hit at this moment as her skin turns red(image).  A second later she takes knockback that’s making her move faster as she is being hit in the direction she’s running too. 

Very obvious this is just delayed knockback


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For the last time, please stop making reports with insufficient evidence. RoboGirl didn't use Speed, she simply received a lot of knockback, which in this case happened because she was jumping while she was hit.

Stop making reports with evidence of low quality, please.


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