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Player Said They Were Mod, Obviously Lying



Towards the end of a session with my friends, a player we had not met before logged on. When they saw that I had enclosed the spawn with bedrock to keep out people who aren't my friends, they started to lie and say that they were a mod. I believe this is a lie because they said that they had op and then like a min later they asked me tp them out of the box. They also broke a few things and were towering up to try to block-glitch through the top, which is impossible, because I made it two layers thick. They repeatedly said that they were a mod, and were obviously lying, is this something I can get them in trouble for or should I just leave it and ban them if they come back?

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Unfortunately due to this occuring on a player server, there's not much we can do, I'd suggest banning them and/or whitelisting your server so only your friends can join. You can take a look at the following tutorials to learn how to whitelist your server:


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