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Me and my friend just started this server to have an enjoyable survival experience. We've gotten pretty far and have made lots of progress. It says that my servers last save was 1/18/2021, 9:52:30 PM (yesterday night as of posting this). My friend was online when it saved. When we logged on today (1/19/2021, around 3:00 PM) the server was on a completely new world. I never clicked the reset world on the Minehut dashboard. I did RESTART the server however to apply a plugin. but that was before my friend logged back on last night for the final time before the reset happened. Everything was fine and in place exactly the we wanted after the restart of the server before he logged off. I tried the "restore server" button on the Minehut dashboard and nothing changes. Please help! We had lots of progress and the restore option doesn't seem to work. Could this be because I'm using a free server over a paid server?

Edit: I tried /worlds and each one says this world does not exist

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