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User Name -  Residal, Cooli, RoboGirlPlayz

Offense - Toxicity and disrespect  

Evidence - 

Just to clarify, I'm not exactly defending MWQ in this report, I'm just reporting what I believe is against the rules.

I believe the players that "ganged up" on MWQ should at LEAST get warned (not verbally, and actualy /warn) for toxicity and/or disrespect. What some of them said was breaking the rules in multiple ways. They’re old enough to know better. I am aware that MWQ was also being what you could consider toxic. The way he handled the situation wasn’t the best, but MWQ was upset  he got banned, the others were just simply trying to make MWQ more upset. While it may have been difficult for MWQ to keep cool, the players who were being toxic could easily have held their tongue and let Jellz handle it.

Some of these are more severe than others, I just wanted to give all the evidence possible.
Residal -
If I'm not mistaken telling players to break rules ISN'T allowed.


Here Residal is referring to how  he's thought MWQ has been cheating ever since he joined. While this IS an opinion, it would have been better to just say nothing.          

Cooli - I hope the fact that these weren't actually said in game, but through discord, doesn't effect the punishment. He was clearly being toxic.      

As most Warzone players know, Bearty isn't thought of very highly due to his ban and mutes. Comparing MWQ to Bearty is disrespectful. There's plenty more of Cooli comparing MWQ to Bearty if you just look.

Same thing as what I said about Residal.

Cooli is shaming MWQ for getting upset about information he did NOT give permission to reveal was revealed.

While the best option for MWQ was to just appeal, he had already been told that multiple times and Cooli knew that. He's just trying to upset MWQ even more than he is.


If he doesn't want people to call him Cooli, he can simply just ask instead of being so rude about it.


RoboGirlPlayz - 

While I do believe Robo has a point, she didn't need to be toxic about it


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just adding some information 


after i said this, i was reminded by jellz that encouraging ban evasion was against the rules, so i stopped. it was for pure spectacle of him receiving a punishment on his main account, not with the intent of allowing a cheater back on the server, which is admittedly the wrong thing to do in the first place


in response to this, this is also admittedly the wrong thing to do. i've had my suspicions for MWQ101 for a fairly long time, and i was astounded to see action actually take place. and me expressing that was a decision made without thinking 

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I'm going to respond about each user separately.

Residal: He shouldn't have encouraged MWQ to break the rules, correct. However, MWQ isn't a new player to Warzone. He knows what happens if you ban evade. Jellz also already told both Residal and cooli not to do that again, and they stopped afterwards. I don't understand how "it only took a year" is disrespectful in any way? If Residal thought he was hacking, that's his opinion. It's not disrespectful to think someone is hacking. [DENIED]

cooli: Comparing MWQ to Bearty is not an insult, however, looking at some of cooli's other messages, he did seem to push it a bit too hard. [ACCEPTED]

RoboGirlPlayz: I agree, she didn't have to say it in that way. [ACCEPTED]


Thanks for the report.

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