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I think it might be fun the play the game in real time!
Link: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/real-time-plugin.69545/?__cf_chl_jschl_tk__=e11990409d7c928240c508b4d0cc6ff377352351-1610970865-0-Adu8SmwRMGFQfHWxFkps7nA1-PfhhxaOJf2dw3dc923iQUK0iryDCOrrZTCsUSXLl5oyIFO4AKY_ZvUzTKDSJmf8pJAettSvDN06OP8lCX7uuHPsnsqhGK01I2vbCLCVWjFBAGg9bBS6qSJLILinnRNOxdsH_Hdmy0YRoKdnrawBheyPIeIACuB_pHiSZw5ey2yQ-U0xTmVgsnmXB5BOBqtt69xMAJegmaCL_O6dqLlTuTpTFZH8S91si0pBJ4SfZXAYsx3B3ceul_B8537u2e_GHW6BzxRdwwnNfpgZ3JfNw6jHjHSAsfz7vP_W_l9GMguL7y6ZXwSsZ7Jg7tDG8v5aeHhqMht7yRQbPCoxgCst

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