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invalid files?



so I was trying to upload my world right. It was crashing due to to many items being droped at once so i had to put the world intop single player and use commands to kill any floating items. the world runes in single player fine now but when I try to /ul world it just says "invalid files". why are they invalid? they work in single player! anyone have an answer? I was following the official minehut upload guide if that helps at all.  



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I would use dropbox when uploading a world.

Also make sure the world is in a zip file 

(You can do this by selecting all the files and "archiving" or "zipping" all the files. Please be sure you don't name your world with any spaces)

after uploading to dropbox create a share link by pressing the button that says "share"

when uploading the world use the command 

/ul world <worldname> <direct link>

and in the link the 0 at the end change it to a 1 when typing the command

press enter and everything should work

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