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Even if the plugin needs an update, it is likely Minehut will get around to it in the next Plugin announcement.

Default - 5/10/2017 - 8/1/2018

[VIP] - 8/1/2018 - 11/25/2020

[HELPER] - 11/25/2020 - Now




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5 hours ago, noble said:

you must've messed something up, mine is working fine. this plugin sucks though, we really need minehut to add shopgui+

I do agree that we should get ShopGUI+ but that is entirely the developer's decision.

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  • Administrator

We should be running the latest version of GUI Shop on Minehut currently. Please feel free to double check with "/version GUIShop". If you've confirmed that everything is correct, it is probably a bug with the plugin and you may wish to report that to the developer.

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