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So earlier today I saw an ad for this server, I can't find it now though. It started with 'Fri' i think and had a double letter somewhere. One of the owners was called choo choo and someone I played with was called Porkshop. It was to mine a block and sell them to get tokens and level up someone was also called S4AN i think. thank u if u can help

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if you are on windows you can check your client logs this way

  1. in the bottom left where it says "type here to search" press that
  2. type "%appdata%"    then press enter
  3. press .minecraft
  4. press logs
  5. find the log from the time you where on the server
  6. do ctrl + f and type "fri"
  7. the server name should show up or you can read the logs to see when the server name was displayed 

Discord: KingKline#7295
Server: https://discord.gg/minehut


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