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Complete Server Grief, Map Art


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Complete Server Grief, Map Art


On Minehut my friends and I have been running a box server - a typical "grind to get better gear and pvp others" server. However today a new player joined, banned everyone and created a map-art, completely erasing all of the progress on the server. The map-art is in the image below. For information, the server was un-whitelisted, and new players who joined would join in survival mode without op. The grief happened five minutes after a new player entered. The player dropped items that insta-banned anyone who picked them up. Once the owner of the server, my friend, joined again, it was all destroyed and only the map art remained.

P.S. the player's name was "Pattata".

Has any one else experienced this, and know anything about it? Thanks.

Screenshot 2021-01-16 at 17.04.07.png

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If you have proof you can report the user [here].

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