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Invsee skript


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invsee skript that lets you view offline player inventory as well

addons needed: skbee


  #name of your main world
  world: world

command invsee <offline player>:
  permission: op
    if arg is online:
      open inventory of arg to player
    else if arg has played before:
      set {_c} to (chest inventory with 4 rows named "Inventory of %arg%")
      set {_inv::*} to (tag "Inventory" of file nbt of "{@world}/playerdata/%uuid of arg%")
      loop {_inv::*}:
        set {_s} to (tag "Slot" of loop-value)
        delete (tag "Slot" of loop-value)
        set slot {_s} of {_c} to item from nbt loop-value
      open {_c} to player
      send "&c%arg% &chas not played before"


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