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Server completely broken



I made an server a few months ago, sometime in early November 2020. I'm not sure if it is needed, but the server is bigboomsmp.minehut.gg and I have been having some major issues. This started yesterday. My friend told me something weird was happening on the server. I couldn't log on, but I called him on Discord and he screen shared. Literally millions of piglins were randomly spawning in his nether portal. I told him I didn't know what to do and I left, thinking it was just a visual glitch of some sort. I was wrong. He messaged me again and told me to call him again, so I did. He had been teleported to some random room with a captcha on the wall, and told to enter the captcha. I figured it was just some new captcha system, which is probably is, but I am telling you this just so you know everything. He later told me that the server had just randomly shut off. I went on the Minehut dashboard and saw that the server status was offline, so I clicked start. It loaded back up, and he joined. Everything worked for a minute or two. Then it shut off again. My server is now impossible to play. This isn't just some problem with him. I have also tried to play and not been able to, as well as about 4-5 of my friends. I have attached an image of the error I get when the server goes offline. I have been playing tons on this server, and probably have well over 100 hours total. I have multiple blocks of netherite, maxed armor and tools, I have built cities. I have basically done everything there is to do in Minecraft, and I really don't want to lose this progress. I should also mention that my friend is using the normal Minecraft launcher and I am using the Badlion Client launcher, so it isn't an issue with that. I really need some help.

Thanks for reading,


Screenshot 2021-01-14 161313.png

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