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This forum was going to start off as a complaint about a griefer named HoeThassJames, but after some consideration and seeing how he affected my private Minecraft server I have instead decided to thank James for what he has done. He brought the family back together and help us unite and rebuild what he burnt down. This forum is also for the past and future victims of HoeThassJames. Instead of ignoring and forgetting the day that HoeThassJames burnt down our village, we have decided to remember and celebrate the day that he brought the family back together. James even managed to bring dad back with the milk.

To all those HoeThassJames victims who may see this forum, instead of hating and reporting James for what he has done. Thank him instead, and rebuild what you once created and make it 10 times better than last time.

Good Luck and I wish you all the best.  





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