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Legacy Network is hiring for the following position: Helpers ================================================================

What is this server?

Legacy Network is a server that has Skyblock, Factions as well as Practice (PVP). Our skyblock has been released for beta testing and factions and PVP are in development. We have an amazing staff team that supports each other but we still need more staff members for this network. If you think you are qualified to become a staff member on Legacy Network then feel free to apply!


- As a Helper you are in charge of taking care of the chat, there will be no future payment.

- Must be able to communicate in English.

- Must be mature in stressful/annoying situations.

This involves:

- Chat Spammers

- Hackers/Friend Hacking

- Swearing.

- Abuse of other players [Bullying, racial or homophobic slurs].

- Cannot have a negative reputation on the server.

- Must show professionalism, We do have time to mess around but we want to be as professional as possible. ===============================Requirements============================== 

Must be 14 Years of age or older 

Must be Fluent in spoken and written English.

Must have a working microphone and access to discord.

Must be able to solve issues in a fair and mature manner.

Must be able to work as part of a team and demonstrate responsibility for their actions.

A decent understanding of moderation.

Be available for an interview.

Understand that you will go through a short training period before becoming a helper =================================================================

Please contact me for more information. Discord: Felixpeep#7448

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Ill be ur helper for 9 dollars a day



                Hopefully [Helper] within 2 years

          [MOD] ReportCards loves me clearly 

     [HELPER] PandaChan is best helper no cap







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