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None of my servers are starting



I was playing on my server last night and it suddenly closed. Now this morning, I was trying to get onto my server and the status won't change out of "hibernating". I can't "force stop" it because I can't even get in to edit the server. I've only had two people play on it so far (including me) and i've been using it for a few months now. I'm thinking that this might just be an overall problem with MineHut. Any suggestions?

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Remove all plugins and then turn on the server, if that doesn't work then you may need to reset the entire server, also you should be able to get in "edit server" when you press "start".

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58 minutes ago, Freezingflames10 said:

i need help i have no plugins and none of my servers are starting. They are stuck at "stopping" then after a while it says "offline"

The servers were experiencing some issues but they should be fixed now. Try and see if it works now. 

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