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Rank System Skript


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EnderRanks Version 0.1.3 -

Required Plugins:
- Skript
- Sk Skellett
- Permission Plugin Like Luckperms or PermissionsX (You don't need to config them).
Sk Query

What is this skript about? This skript is a remake of AquaCore/Mizu Core Rank system using easy skript parts and will not lag out your server.

When will another update come? Another update for the skript will be coming soon and I will make sure to put it on spigot when we hit version 1.0.0 But, for now it will just be a minehut thing. I've already started working on version 0.1.3 and it will be out soon

Where can we post Bugs? Until Version 1.0.0 this skript will not be perfect due to that I will be looking in the comments for update Idea's and bugs that I need to fix.

Any other skipts planned? No, but I do make private skripts so if you want one please contact me at Ender#0222 on discord. By the way if you are contacting me for a private skript It should not be too much because I have other stuff to do.

Command Examples:
- /plrank addperm EnderSImps *
-/rank create admin
-/plrank settab EnderSimps &c[ADMIN]
-/plrank setgroup EnderSimps Admin

Command Help:

             - /rank help -Shows commands for rank system"
            send "&b - /rank logs - Shows rank logs"
             - /rank group create (name) - Creates a new group"
            - /rank group prefix (name) (prefix) - Sets group prefix"
            - /plrank setgroup (player) (group) - Sets players group"
             - /plrank setprefix (player) (prefix) - Adds a player prefix"
             - /plrank addperm (player) (perm) - Adds a permission to player"
             - /plrank removeperm (player) (perm) - Removes players permission"
            - /plrank settab (player) (tab prefix) - Sets tab prefix"

Extra Credit
Idea: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/skript-rank-system.50573/

Update LOG:

v0.1.2 -> 0.1.3 [Bug Fix] Default Prefix + Tab


Ender Rank v0.1.3.sk

Edited by EnderSimps
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