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Server suddenly crashes soon after starting, and becomes unresponsive



Before i tell you what happened, i need to mention, i might know why this is happening. Minehut either can't handle servers that use too much storage, or just refuse running servers that do.

What i'm wondering is if it's possible to increase server storage, not memory. It didn't increase when i upgraded my plan, since it worked on the free plan, then i switched to MH20, and it didn't take long until the server began crashing again.

This first started happening a few months ago. The server would just run normally, like nothing's wrong. Then, without warning or lag, the server would just stop, and send you to "fallback server". I managed to fix this by removing coreprotect, probably because it made room for more storage. It worked for a while, but then when the storage caught up, it would crash again, repeatedly, like it did to begin with. A few months later, just to see, i removed all my logs and skript variable backups, and then the server worked again. No crashes. Unil the storage caught up yet again. And now here i am, with nothing left to delete but my worlds.

Another thing to add, is that since the server crashes, it doesn't save the logs, so i can't check if it's because of something else. I'm pretty sure it's storage related, though.


Hello, it's now 2021-03-28, and i want to say that this issue is occurring because Minehut doesn't let you use enough storage. So i guess it's intentional.

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