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I will make you a server lobby for a very cheap price! (Professional Builder)


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  • 8 Years of experience in building
  • Builder on several other servers
  • Very good in organics

Here is my portfolio: https://imgbox.com/g/a9SoaG9nmK (it's a bit outdated, around a month or so)

Some of my builds:





  • Standard Package: x1 Server Lobby - Price: VIP Rank on Minehut
  • Elite Package: x1 Server Lobby + x2 Organic Builds - Price: PRO Rank on Minehut

Contact me on discord if you are interested: Parsafari#8686

Note: if someone purchases the standard or elite package, that package won't be available again so make sure you are the first person who orders!


Indie Game Developer

C# Programmer & Skripter


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