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Problem: Skript 2.5.3 Breaks Events


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I think Skript was updated overnight, right now most events don't work. Right click events don't trigger if you are not op, this breaks the NPCs on the server since I use on right click to do stuff with npcs. Right click works when I'm op, turning region bypass off while im op works but it just doesn't if I am deoped. Even in a non protected worldguard region it doesn't trigger.

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I don't see any of these issues with my skripts. If you do have issues, Skript 2.5.4 is coming out soon so hopefully Minehut updates to that pretty quickly.



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3 hours ago, emopediaMC said:

 Skript 2.5.4 is coming out

Im not exactly sure who told you that, but as one of the devs of Skript and the one who does Skript releases, I can tell you we have no plans for 2.5.4 anytime soon.


As for event related issue, we have not heard any reports regarding events. According to bStats, currently there are 1600+ servers running Skript 2.5.3, I have yet to hear any issues regrading events.

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Perhaps share the scripts that aren't working? I'm sure someone here would be able to help you. The #skript channel on Discord might be better though. I don't think it's likely that the update broke it though, especially given that we updated it on Tuesday, so unless your server wasn't restarted for over 3 days it's pretty unlikely that you didn't have it yet.

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