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Can't activate my server.



So I have a server with a good friend of mine and while I was playin in it today (alone) I got kicked out of it due to a timeout error. Once I tried to log back in I noticed that it wouldn't let me. So I decided to close and reopen mc...still nothing happened although this time when I'd be in the main Minehut lobby and requesting to open my server I'd get a message saying that I have already open a server and that I need to wait...Tried to open it from my Minehut dashboard but once I activate it, the server never opens and the little blue text never even changes to "starting"...It's probably the best mc world I'd ever have and I'm really worried in case something bad has happened. If anyone knows anything about how I might be able to resolve this problem please help.

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Hey, sorry you're experiencing this issue. Unfortunately were experiencing server start-up issues. For more information regarding this situation feel free to check out #announcements in our discord which I've linked below 


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