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Mod Staff Application


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General Questions
1. IGN- My IGN is monkeysaddle. 

2. Timezone- My timezone is EST. 

3. Age- I am 15 years old. 

4. Discord Name- Discord name and tag is (monkeysaddle#6606)

5. What experience do you have as a staff member?

I have plenty of experience moderating and even doing some building. I have jumped from positions and servers many times, as I love being on the staff side of servers. I    am extremely familiar with the position and expectations that come with it, and I know how to handle situations very well. 

6. Why would you like to be staff on LavaS

First off, I would love to be staff on LavaS for many reasons. One being, you are looking for staff and I could help fill in a missing position. Also, I am very familiar with the other staff members, as I have previously worked with them, and I get along well with them.. (I think..) I also would love to help out LavaS in anyway I can, knowing that it is a very good server. 

7. Why should we hire you over other people?

I think I should be hired over others mainly because of my personality and contribution. I have a flexible time schedule, although it gets altered sometimes, my PC is still right next to me and I can get on whenever. I also have been staff on so many different and unique kinds of servers so I know appropriate commands and how to help people on LavaS. My personality I feel is another big plus. I like to think I’m funny and fit well with others, but it’s up to my “co-workers” to decide on that. 

8. Have you ever hacked before (this will not affect your chances)

No, I’ve never hacked before, I don’t have the intelligence nor urge needed to acquire a modified client ._.

9. Have you ever been banned on any servers? If so, for what reason?


10. Anything else we should know? (hobbies, personality, etc)

I am a very dedicated person, I will not leave the server until I feel I have fulfilled my purpose. I also love to play soccer.

Situational Questions

1. What would you do if you thought someone might be using criticals or nofall?

I would take the necessary precautions, according to staff guide. I am normally used to banning if a player is using cheats, but I would follow a staff guide.

2. What would you do if you saw somebody flying or using speed hacks?

^ I would do a perm ban or whatever the punishment is in the staff guide

3. What would you do if someone was botting the server?

I would do a blacklist or a perm ban, again according to the staff guide. 

4. What would you do if someone starts spamming personal information in chat?

For spamming, I’m used to a 15 minute mute for a first offense after a warn, and if a person was leaking personal information, I’m used to a perm mute. But again, the staff guide. 

5. What would you do if someone says something racist or homophobic in chat?

Perm mute, no warn, first offense. I take racism and homophobia personally, it has effected my life in many ways. 

6. What would you do if somebody was threatening to hack the server?

Perm ban. 

I just want to say thank you for the opportunity of applying, I hope I can help out in whatever way I can. ❤️

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