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Minehut world into singleplayer lag issue



Hi there,

I downloaded my Minehut server world and I moved the file to my saves inside my game directory so I can play this world in singleplayer.

However, when I joined the world in singleplayer, there is a problem which I could describe of being similar to “tick lag”, the blocks come back after breaking, the movement of mobs and entities are jerky and laggy, even though I am not lagging and I can hit them with no delay, but other enitites are lagging and not moving smoothly.

I thought the problem could be from my device, so I tested other singleplayer worlds and there was no such problem, which means the problem should be from the Minehut world file itself.
The same problem was also happening to me back when the world was a Minehut server.

Can you please direct me to what I can do to resolve this issue, if you do not have access to the world file of the Minehut server named "BrozMash" then I can send it to you, because the issue could potentially be something within the world folder.

Please note that the world was originally created as a Minehunt server , i.e. this world did not start in singleplayer.

Thank you

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What is the tickspeed on your singleplayer world? Do /gamerule randomTickSpeed to see what its value is. And make sure the command is exactly like that. Default should be 3 so if it isn't, do /gamerule randomTickSpeed 3. Having a high gamerule can cause issues like this. 

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