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How to create a shop using Minehut?


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I've been trying to make a shop/economy system for my server using the Minehut plugins, but I haven't been successful. I've tried plugins like ShopKeepers and Vault and as many economy/shop plugins I could find, but one of two things happens. Either 1, the plugin doesn't work or the commands don't work. Or 2, it tells me I dont have permission to use those commands, even though its using a plugin that is in the plugins box on Minehut. I have tried using command blocks but it won't let me place any at all, and I'm honestly just lost. If there's anything I'm doing wrong or any possible ways I could work it out, help would be much appreciated. Thank you 🙂

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If it says you don't have permission to run a command, you'll either need to be OP or use a permissions plugin to give yourself the permission.

Read [this] tutorial to learn about making yourself op. Read [this] tutorial to learn about server permissions and permissions plugins.

Also, this is the wrong place. Use the [help] category next time.

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